Tushar K Shukla

I went to see the movie on Friday- house full, Saturday- house full, and it went on till I reached a point of absolutely no hope left in life. Then I decided to step inside a shady old haunted theater and finally see the movie I was so eagerly waiting for all these days. I knew I loved the movie from the word go! And I had expected that but then I had expected a lot of senseless humor too, which I never found. All I got was vintage bollywood stuff, something that we, proudly, do best. Now this is the stuff great movies are made of. What stuff? Let me address that- quintessential India, the rustic, real, romantic, carefree, unpredictable India that you never get to see in the otherwise high- brow flicks. The entire movie is picture perfect from start to finish. I am very sure the DVD is gonna be a rage when it comes. The popular aspects of the movie have already been discussed, so I would want to mention the finer ones. If one watches the movie closely, one sees traces of Maniratnam- the mist and the melody, the suspense, the vacuums felt at a lonely railway station with the smoke accompanying the restlessness. This tells where Shaad Ali Saigal comes from- the best school of cinema in the country. There are some movies that you tend to revisit in your thoughts very often. B n B is one of them for sure. It goes far beyond what a normal light romantic comedy would like to achieve, and it accomplishes a cult status of its own in unique ways. People like Kunal Kohli, who think Hum Tum was the bible of the bollywood romantic comedy genre, may pick up a lesson or two from here, if they still have some sensibility left with them. A special mention for the brilliant camera work that makes you feel you are a part of the roller coaster journey through all those lovely locales, and the infectious music that refuses to leave your mind far after it has left your car stereo. And who can miss to mention the impeccable timing of Abhishek. If Yuva was coming of age movie for him, he roars like a king in this one, and rips all the criticism apart, in the rock solid screen presence and the fearless stare at the camera. Way to go, Abhishek! You see him and Rani, and you feel like "where were they all this time when all we were subjected to in the name of comedy was something that sounds real smelly!" Big B cant be missed out from this comic caper either. Play on!! There is one Bubli and thats for sure!

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