Confessions of a dangerous mindEdit

Tushar K Shukla

I always dreamt that one day, something that I say is going to become big and will be quoted by some lesser unknown, never knew that I was the lesser unknown myself.Everyone loves game shows; I'm on my way. Would you bet a dollar on strawberry lollypop?The man who had a dream, well not really, he did everything just like that, I mean during one of his candid intense love making scenes, he gets so inspired bitching over the dating bullshit talk that he thinks of making a game show over the idea. Chuck Barris, who wrote a pop song that stayed on the number 3 for god-knows-which countdown, was a media czar, the man behind successful TV shows like the gong show, the dating show, the old show (where three old men with loaded guns discuss how close they came to realizing their dreams, and the winner is the one who turns out to be the closest does not blow his brains out, he gets a refrigerator.) he was the man who was accused of damaging the moral fabric of television. Sam Rockwell lives the once in a lifetime role of Chuck Barris with minimum put-ons and pretence. Clooney plays Jim, the covert clandestine surreptitious furtive CIA agent who handles Barris his secret CIA operations/jobs. The movie has some brilliant humor interspersed in a break less narrative, like the communication officer's brief about lascivious remarks on TV broadcast being a federal offense, the `fuck you' (you condescending prick) scene where all characters at different locations go berserk at one point of time, the strawberry bet, the movie hall scenes, `I got fired today' scene,' I believe there's gonna be a great future in game shows, Debby' blow job, the game show crack-head who turns out to be a CIA agent, "Helsinki is a wonderful place at this time of the year, specially in the snow" , " where specifically is the weirdest place where you personally girls have got in the urge to make whoopee?, "we need a new ice box", the audition scene, " if I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning...", "happy birthday to you" on the street, "I can't help falling in love with you", don't shoot the messenger, the reversed coffee mugs, I work for the CIA and I kill lot of people, I came up with another game show idea recently, its called...... ...there's no business like show business. Curtains down.

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