Tushar K Shukla

The movie is about this average Joe who bumps into a bank to rob it at an instinct call.He is completely and totally oblivious of the qualifications, hard work and level of commitment required to be a proficient and honest bank robber.He does all the wrong things like keeping a friendly sedate, staid expression on his face when he is supposed to look gory, gruesome, bloodthirsty, cruel, scary, merciless and the personification of evil, burning the official pages in a place with glass gates and smoke alarms,and not to forget, joining hands and getting along with him a guy who looks like all he was told to do all his life was "how to hold a gun without the fear reflecting on you face" for he looks least scary, rather looks scared and finding it tough to adjust to the new job and acclimatize with the new work environment.To their dismay, shock, discomfort, astonishment, bewilderment, aggravation and frustration, they find that the place is full of middle-aged women who do not need a pointed gun to scare, they'd rather die if you stared them in the eye. Sonny has a hard time trying to explain others and himself what he is here for.

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