Tushar K. Shukla

A simpleton bartender who has nothing but a dream that he lives his life for. A dream that he sees in form of Neeta, the sitcom protagonist who is the love of his life. Sweety, the bar dancer has a soft corner for Raghu who is too involved and preoccupied with the thoughts of Neeta and his own private world of fabricated reality to think about anything or anyone else. Brother, the goon has to kill Neeta as part of one of his assignments in his job as a hit man. Brother, on Sweety's insistence, keeps Raghu as his partner in crime as Raghu is kicked out of the bar job when found stealing money to buy a birthday present for his lady love. Raghu, oblivious of Brother's hideous plans accompanies him to where they are supposed to kill Neeta, but on seeing her he saves her life. She however thinks he is an aide in the felony and whacks him on the face. Not disappointed by this incident, Raghu manages to abduct her and takes her to Sweety's uninhabited two-room flat. What follows this ordinary sounding story is a magical play of emotions by the protagonist. A simple yet moving film that aptly captures the small town mentality of switching off from the rut by dreaming surreal dreams. The movie leaves a lot to the imagination, it could have left some more though. Sometimes you feel why is it so descriptive, but later you thank the way it was made, an unconventional story shot in a conventional way that drives home the point in a contrasting manner, very creative and original. How the sensitivities and aspirations of Raghu have been etched, is a high point of the movie. Good stuff.