The film screenings of Bangalore Film Society and other screenings of interest to BFS members.

Up Coming

6-8 October 2006
Eye For India

30 June 2006
Eye For India

23-25 June 2006 (Non-BFS)
Robert Bresson Films

17-18 June 2006 (Non-BFS)
Cinema and Literature Nani Cinematheque POV

2-9 June 2006
Eye For India

23 May - 27 May 2006 (Non-BFS)
LES LUTINS : Festival of short films in French with subtitles in English

March 31 - April 1 2006
Present Continuous

February 25 - 6 March 2006
Manifestations : Isabelle Huppert in 10 films of the Great Directors of Cinema

February 23 2006
Born In Brothels

February 11 2006
Me and You and Everyone We Know

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