THE DOORS: One of the best life adaptations of Fame Edit

Tushar K Shukla

I saw this one outta sheer love for Morrison. Though in the first half hour or so, i was taken aback by few forced deliverance to imitate his aura, i was pleasantly surprised by the longevity of character that kilmer created. and by the time the titles rolled, i strongly believed that this is the closest you will ever get to screen adaptations of an idol, kilmer has not played Morrison, he IS Morrison in this one, through his convoluted hours of bliss, to his on-stage romance with the realization of phallic power, from his hours of loneliness to his unrest with the commoditization of music, from his profound, almost indifferent deliverance to his childish vulnerability, kilmer scores. a great achievement for oliver stone too, meg Ryan could have been replaced for the better though....i also did not quite understand two things- why were all the other doors shown so smaller against Morrison, and where was the serene emotion seen in Morrison's eyes when he used to perform as seen in many of his live acts? kilmer does push it a little more towards insanity which is true but only in parts. his last days in France are not covered well, possibly due to the controversy surrounding his demise. another good thing about the classic is its uncompromising, unbiased portrayal of one of the greatest ever rock and youth idols.